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Dropout Rates in the United States: 1994


Many individuals made substantial contributions to the preparation of this report. This report was prepared under the direction of Paul Planchon, Associate Commissioner for Surveys and Cooperative Systems Group.

Special recognition is extended to Rosalind Bruno of the Education and Social Stratification Branch, Population Division, Bureau of the Census for her contributions to the preparations of the sections of the report based on the CPS data. Thanks also go to the staff at the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago for their work in the collection and preparation of the data from NELS:88.

Nabeel Alsalam and his staff at NCES provided assistance in formulating the definition of event dropouts applied to the CPS data. They also provided the family income data used in the reporting of the event and status rates in this report. Summer D. Whitener in the Surveys and Cooperative Systems Group at NCES also deserves special recognition for her assistance in coordinating and organizing the release and distribution of this document.

Without the assistance of Steve Klein, Stephanie Alamin-Cuccaro, Connie Yin, Laura Mihailoff, Dawn Cayayaba, and Karyn Madden of MPR Associates this report could not have been prepared. They provided invaluable analytical, editorial, graphic, and production assistance.

The report was reviewed by Mary Frase, Lee Hoffman, Robert Burton of NCES and Russell Rumberger of the University of California at Santa Barbara. Their efforts and contributions are greatly appreciated.

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