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Indicators Part IV: Expenditure for Education

This section includes two indicators on education expenditures in the G-20 countries.

  • Indicator 23 compares the average annual starting salaries of full-time public school teachers at both the primary and upper secondary levels. It also examines the ratio of these average starting salaries to the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita for each of the reporting countries.
  • Indicator 24 reports public and private education expenditures per student, both the total spent as well as that spent on core services, which pertain to instructional services, including faculty/staff salaries, professional development, and books and other school materials. It also presents annual public and private education expenditures as a percentage of GDP, allowing a comparison of countries' education expenditures relative to their overall economic output.

The indicators in this section draw on data from Education at a Glance 2013: OECD Indicators (OECD 2013a).