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Table E-ELS-1b.  Mean socioeconomic status score, 10th-grade mathematics score, and 9th-grade GPA for on-time high school graduates, overall and by immediate postsecondary enrollment status: 2006

Characteristic Total   Immediate postsecondary enrollment status
  Immediate enrollment No immediate enrollment
Standardized socioeconomic status (SES) score 0.06 (0.013)   0.20 (0.015) -0.27 (0.014)
Standardized 10th-grade mathematics test score 51.49 (0.165)   53.65 (0.176) 46.47 (0.214)
Grade point average (GPA) in 9th grade 2.83 (0.013)   3.02 (0.014) 2.38 (0.018)
NOTE: The SES score is based on five equally weighted, standardized components: father’s/guardian’s education, mother’s/guardian’s education, family income, father’s/ guardian’s occupation, and mother’s/guardian’s occupation. Estimates are based on the sample of students who had graduated from high school by August 2004 and who had a valid F2BYWT weight. Standard errors appear in parentheses.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 (ELS:2002), "Second Follow-up, 2006."