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Table C-1.  Variables used in the Beginning Teacher Attrition and Mobility: Results From the First Through Third Waves of the 2007–08 Beginning Teacher Longitudinal Study First Look report
Assigned a mentor W2MNTYN, W2M08YN
Base salary W1T0343, W2TCHSA
Certification type Cert1
Class organization W1T0068, W2TECLD
Community type W1URBANS12, W2URBANS12
Contract not renewed, leaver W2LCNYN
Contract not renewed, mover W2MCNYN
Current/former status W2FCSTS, W3FCSTS
Entered teaching through an alternative certification program W1T0153
Full- or part-time teaching status W1FTPT, W2TCHFP
Highest degree earned W1HIDEGR
Occupational status W2OCCST, W3OCCST
Percent of K–12 students who were approved/eligible for free or reduced-price lunches W1NSLAPP_S, W2TEFRPL
Race/ethnicity W1RACETH_T
School level W1SCHLEVEL
Sex W1T0352
Stayer/mover/leaver/returner status W2STTUS, W3STTUS
Type of move between schools W2MVTYP, W3MVTYP
1 This variable was created by the author of this report and does not appear on the data file.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Beginning Teacher Longitudinal Study (BTLS), "First Through Third Wave Preliminary Data File," 2007–08, 2008–09, 2009–10.