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Crisis Data Management: A Forum Guide to Collecting and Managing Data About Displaced Students
NCES 2010-804
February 2010

Chapter 3. During a Crisis: Collecting and Disseminating Data About Displaced Students—Crisis Declaration

The disaster recovery team should determine the organization's response based on the nature and scale of the crisis, and clearly communicate data action plans to staff at all levels of the education enterprise.

Once a crisis has been declared officially, the disaster recovery plan is activated and the team begins to implement response activities. Depending on the nature and scale of the event, some or all contingencies and responses may be triggered. In some crises, students may relocate to different schools, districts, or states. Data management and operations may be disrupted, including, in extreme situations, the loss of hardware that houses a critical data system—although good planning should ensure that adequate backups are available. Communication with appropriate federal and state agencies should also occur during the initial response when circumstances warrant such action.