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Crisis Data Management: A Forum Guide to Collecting and Managing Data About Displaced Students
NCES 2010-804
February 2010

Chapter 1. Introduction—Who is a 'Displaced' Student?

For the purposes of crisis data management, a "displaced" student is defined as "a student who was enrolled, or eligible for enrollment, but has enrolled in another place because of a crisis." This broad definition could reasonably be made more specific by an education agency that might wish to add, for example, a requirement that the crisis must be a FEMA-declared disaster.

Temporary or permanent closing without displacing students

In early 2009, many schools and agencies closed their doors in an effort to help contain the spread of swine flu throughout the student population. Although these closings did not displace students, these types of events should be a component of disaster-response planning to ensure the loss of instructional services is minimized.