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Table D5.  Local education agency identification numbers (LEAID) used in the Common Core of Data (CCD) for the 100 largest public elementary and secondary school districts in the United States and jurisdictions: School year 2008–09
Name of district State   CCD LEAID
New York City Public Schools NY    3620580
Los Angeles Unified CA    0622710
Puerto Rico Department of Education PR    7200030
City of Chicago School District 299 IL    1709930
Dade FL    1200390
Clark County School District NV    3200060
Broward FL    1200180
Houston Independent School District TX    4823640
Hillsborough FL    1200870
Hawaii Department of Education HI    1500030
Orange  FL    1201440
Palm Beach  FL    1201500
Fairfax County Public Schools  VA    5101260
Philadelphia City School District  PA    4218990
Dallas Independent School District  TX    4816230
Gwinnett County  GA    1302550
Montgomery County Public Schools  MD    2400480
Wake County Schools  NC    3704720
Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools  NC    3702970
San Diego Unified  CA    0634320
Prince George's County Public Schools  MD    2400510
Duval  FL    1200480
Memphis City School District  TN    4702940
Cobb County  GA    1301290
Pinellas  FL    1201560
Baltimore County Public Schools  MD    2400120
Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District  TX    4816110
Dekalb County  GA    1301740
Jefferson County  KY    2102990
Detroit City School District  MI    2612000
Albuquerque Public Schools  NM    3500060
Polk  FL    1201590
Northside Independent School District  TX    4833120
Fulton County  GA    1302280
Long Beach Unified  CA    0622500
Jefferson County School District No R 1  CO    0804800
Milwaukee School District  WI    5509600
Austin Independent School District  TX    4808940
Baltimore City Public Schools  MD    2400090
Jordan District  UT    4900420
Lee  FL    1201080
Fort Worth Independent School District  TX    4819700
Fresno Unified  CA    0614550
Davidson County School District  TN    4703180
Denver County 1  CO    0803360
Prince Wm County Public Schools  VA    5103130
Anne Arundel County Public Schools  MD    2400060
Brevard  FL    1200150
Guilford County Schools  NC    3701920
Va Beach City Public Schools  VA    5103840
Greenville 01  SC    4502310 
Mesa Unified District  AZ    0404970 
Granite District  UT    4900360 
Fort Bend Independent School District  TX    4819650 
Pasco  FL    1201530 
Davis District  UT    4900210 
Washoe County School District  NV    3200480 
Seminole  FL    1201710 
North East Independent School District  TX    4832940 
Arlington Independent School District  TX    4808700 
Volusia  FL    1201920 
Mobile County  AL    0102370 
El Paso Independent School District  TX    4818300 
Alpine District  UT    4900030 
Elk Grove Unified  CA    0612330 
Aldine Independent School District  TX    4807710 
Chesterfield County Public Schools  VA    5100840 
Douglas County School District No Re 1  CO    0803450 
Garland Independent School District  TX    4820340 
Santa Ana Unified  CA    0635310 
Tucson Unified District  AZ    0408800 
Loudoun County Public Schools  VA    5102250 
Katy Independent School District  TX    4825170 
Boston  MA    2502790 
Knox County School District  TN    4702220 
San Francisco Unified  CA    0634410 
San Bernardino City Unified  CA    0634170 
San Antonio Independent School District  TX    4838730 
Cumberland County Schools  NC    3700011 
Plano Independent School District  TX    4835100 
Columbus City  OH    3904380 
Forsyth County Schools  NC    3701500 
Capistrano Unified  CA    0607440 
Corona Norco Unified  CA    0609850 
Osceola  FL    1201470 
Pasadena Independent School District  TX    4834320 
Cherry Creek 5  CO    0802910 
Lewisville Independent School District  TX    4827300 
Cleveland Municipal  OH    3904378 
Howard County Public Schools  MD    2400420 
Clayton County  GA    1301230 
Atlanta Public Schools  GA    1300120 
Henrico County Public Schools  VA    5101890 
Anchorage School District  AK    0200180 
Brownsville Independent School District  TX    4811680 
Garden Grove Unified  CA    0614880 
Sacramento City Unified  CA    0633840 
Omaha Public Schools  NE    3174820 
Conroe Independent School District  TX    4815000 
Shelby County School District  TN    4703810 
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Common Core of Data (CCD), "Local Education Agency Universe Survey," 2008–09, Version 1a.