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Forum Guide to Metadata
NFES 2009-805
July 2009

Examples of metadata for the data element student birthdate

Metadata item Example of metadata maintained for Student Birthdate
Field length 8
Element type DT (date)
Permitted values Student Birthdate, when collected, should not be earlier than the date that would result in the student being over age 20 if that student is enrolling in grade levels preK to 12.
Translations These data are available to authorized viewers in the operational data system, but are otherwise encrypted (via master algorithm) and suppressed in all public reporting.
Storage location Server = svr10079prod; database = Student_Information; table = sat_student_core; field = birth_date
Source Student Enrollment Collection System
Target Provided for fiscal auditing and internal management purposes, and used in data verification audit processes.
Meaning The month, day, and year an individual was born.
Restrictions Only users with access to individual student data are permitted to view this element.
Limitations This item does not necessarily reflect the student's grade level.
Components/operations The element can be compared to the current date to calculate a student's age.
Purpose/rationale To serve as the district's principal method for determining a student's age. Also used in matching criteria to identify student.
Owner District Registrar
Steward Element is managed by Enrollment Specialist (Mary Smith) and backup is Senior Business Analyst (James Brown)
Time parameters Student Birthdate is active upon assignment at enrollment and continues until all individual records are removed from the system.
Treatment Birthdates entered in alternative formats (MM/DD/YY or name of month, day, and two-digit year) are converted into a MM/DD/YYYY format.
History Once entered, the element is not changed for an individual student.
Retention Five years after student has exited the school district.
Security/confidentiality Sensitive and confidential.
Identity Each individual may only have one birthdate on record.
Accuracy Audited once after original entry.
Completeness/sparsity 94 percent of the 2007–2008 records loaded contain values for this field.
Value set 89 percent of the 2007–2008 records loaded contain values within the domain of permitted values.

Note: These entries are presented as examples and do not represent metadata from an actual school, district, or state data system. Some types of metadata described in this chapter are more appropriate for describing sets of data rather than individual data elements; these are not included in this exhibit.