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Forum Guide to Metadata
NFES 2009-805
July 2009

Question: How many eighth grade English teachers are in your schools?

Component Issues to be clarified by metadata
How many Does "how many" refer to a head count or full-time equivalent (FTE) count?
Eighth grade Does "eighth grade" include classes with seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-grade students; or just classes with only eighth graders?
English Does "English" include reading and writing classes? Special education English language classes? Other language arts classes? English as a Second Language classes?
Teachers Do "teachers" include only certified teachers? Only certified English teachers? Certified teaching assistants? Only teachers assigned to teach classes/students this grading period?
Are At what point in time should the answer be valid? At the beginning or end of the current or previous school year?
In Does this include teachers of students cross-enrolled in virtual settings? What if someone teaches English in more than one school—does he or she get counted more than once?
Your Does this mean only schools under the authority of the state or local education agency, or does it include all schools within the boundaries of the state or locality?
Schools Are special education schools included? Correctional institutions that grant educational degrees? Other residential facilities? Cross-enrolled virtual settings? Private schools?