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Forum Guide to Metadata
NFES 2009-805
July 2009

Chapter 4. Implementing a Metadata System - Establishing a Planning Team

If the organization's staff do not possess metadata expertise, the first step in building capacity will be to train prospective team members about metadata and the potential benefits of using metadata in education organizations.

Whether the system is developed from scratch or an off-the-shelf purchase, planning is a time-consuming task that requires considerable data and technical expertise, a thorough understanding of the organization and its data operations, and extensive project management skills. As such, a planning team should be established to set the course for the project. Team members will likely include the organization's data manager, a technical authority, and a representative from the organization's data governance body. In addition, they should also include representatives of other stakeholders who will eventually use the system, such as data entry staff, data analysts, program staff, and policymakers responsible for data-driven decisionmaking. The team should have executive sponsorship and be led by a project manager with proven leadership skills and sufficient authority to direct the team and make day-to-day decisions without additional permission.