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Managing an Identity Crisis: Forum Guide to Implementing New Federal Race and Ethnicity Categories
NFES 2008-802
October 2008

List of Exhibits

Chapter 1. Making the Case:  Background and Rationale

Tables/Figures Exhibit 1.1 U.S. Department of Education's Final Guidance At-A-Glance
Tables/Figures Exhibit 1.2 Sample Timeline for Implementing New Racial and Ethnic Data Collection Standards

Chapter 3. Getting on the Same Page:  Training and Communication

Tables/Figures Exhibit 3.1 Providing Advance Notice to the Public: An Example From Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools
Tables/Figures Exhibit 3.2 Sample Letter to Staff Members on Re-Identification
Tables/Figures Exhibit 3.3 Suggested Training Frameworks for State and School District Personnel and Vendors
Tables/Figures Exhibit 3.4 Questions and Answers About the New Changes From the Public

Chapter 4. Getting It Done:  Re-Identifying an Individual's Race and Ethnicity

Tables/Figures Exhibit 4.1 Suggestions for Conducting Observer Identification
Tables/Figures Exhibit 4.2 Questions and Answers About Re-Identification and Observation

Chapter 5. Getting It Out:  Coding, Reporting, Storage, and Bridging

Tables/Figures Exhibit 5.1 Full List of Sixty-four Possible Combinations of New Race and Ethnicity Codes as Found in NCES Statistical Standards Program

Appendix C. I'll Cross That Bridge When I Come to It: A Guide to Bridging Methodologies

Tables/Figures Table 1. Bridging methodologies outlined by OMB, by category