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Managing an Identity Crisis: Forum Guide to Implementing New Federal Race and Ethnicity Categories
NFES 2008-802
October 2008

5.1 Data Entry

  • Assign data entry personnel at the school or district level, based on what is realistic according to the size and structure of the school district. Data entry staff should be trained so that they understand the context and the content of the changes.
  • The data entry screen should be simple, mimicking the actual data collection form, capturing the initial data accurately. Remind personnel that the order of “old” categories may be different from the “new” ones. For example, although “White” may have been the first option of race selection in previous year's data entry screen it would now be the last one listed if the state or school district chooses to follow the order of the Final Guidance.
  • Implement audit checks of data in the system to ensure the quality of the data entered.