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Table 1.  Percentage of preprimary children ages 3-5 who were enrolled in center-based early childhood care and education programs, by poverty status and race ethnicity: 2006-07
Child characteristics Number of children ages 3-5
who are not yet enrolled in
kindergarten (thousands)
Percentage Standard error
Total 8,686 100
Poverty status1
Poor 1,934 40.9 2.92
Nonpoor 6,751 59.6 1.16
Child's race/ethnicity2
White 4,664 58.5 1.46
Black 1,311 65.3 5.42
Hispanic 1,899 39.1 2.35
Poverty status and race/ethnicity
White 499 45.9 7.05
Black 492 60.0 8.65
Hispanic 736 29.9 3.66
White 4,164 60.0 1.42
Black 819 68.5 7.77
Hispanic 1,163 44.9 3.05
† Not applicable
1 Poor is defined to include families below the poverty threshold; nonpoor is defined to include families whose incomes are at or above the poverty threshold.
2 Race categories exclude persons of Hispanic ethnicity. Included in the total, but not shown separately, are children from other racial/ethnic groups.
NOTE: Estimates are based on children who have not yet entered kindergarten. Center-based programs include day care centers, Head Start programs, preschool, nursery school, prekindergarten, and other early childhood programs. Detail may not sum to totals because of rounding. This table was created as an update to the following table:
SOURCE: U.S Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, School Readiness Survey of the National Household Education Survey (NHES), 2007.