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Status of Education in Rural America
NCES 2007-040
June 2007

Chapter 3: Indicator list

Indicator 3.1 Public school revenues
Indicator 3.2 Public school expenditures
Indicator 3.3 Public school capacity
Indicator 3.4 Dual credit, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate courses
Indicator 3.5 Internet and computer access
Indicator 3.6 Pupil-teacher ratio in public schools
Indicator 3.7 Selected characteristics of public school teachers
Indicator 3.8 Teaching experience
Indicator 3.9 Teacher perceptions of problems in schools
Indicator 3.10 Average base salary for full-time public school teachers
Indicator 3.11 Difficulty hiring teachers
Indicator 3.12 Use of professional support staff and paraprofessionals