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Status of Education in Rural America
NCES 2007-040
June 2007

Chapter 1: Indicator list

Indicator 1.1 Public elementary and secondary students, schools, and districts
Indicator 1.2 Public elementary and secondary schools and students, by school level and size
Indicator 1.3 Public school students by race/ethnicity
Indicator 1.4 Elementary and secondary public school students, by region and state
Indicator 1.5 3- to 5-year olds in preprimary programs
Indicator 1.6 Private schools
Indicator 1.7 Children in poverty
Indicator 1.8 Students eligible for free or reduced-price school lunch in public schools
Indicator 1.9 Concentrations of poverty in public schools by race/ethnicity
Indicator 1.10 Public school students with limited English proficiency
Indicator 1.11 Public school students with disabilities
Indicator 1.12 Parent participation in school-related activities
Indicator 1.13 Family outings
Indicator 1.14 Parents' educational attainment
Indicator 1.15 Parental expectations of educational attainment