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Dropout Rates in the United States: 2005
NCES 2007-059
June 2007

Table A–3.  Summary table of high school dropout, completion, and graduation rates presented in this report

Rate 2005
Description Purpose GED status
Event dropout rate 3.8 15–24 Percentage of Indicator of the Students who get
      high school annual rate at an equivalency
      students who have which U.S. high certificate do not
      dropped out of school students count as dropouts.
      grades 10–12 in are leaving school  
      the past year with an unsuc–  
      cessful outcome  
Status dropout rate 9.4 16–24 Percentage of Indicator of the Students who
      people who are not proportion of young have earned an
      enrolled in high people who lack equivalency
      school and who do a basic high credential do not
      not have a high school education count as dropouts.
      school credential    
Status completion rate 87.6 18–24 Percentage of Indicator of the People who have
      young adults who proportion of earned an
      have left high school young adults who equivalency
      and who hold a high have a basic high credential count
      school credential school education as completers.
Averaged freshman 75.0 Not Percentage of Indicator of on– High school
graduation rate   applicable public high school time graduation equivalency
      students who from public schools credentials are
      graduate with a   not counted as
      regular diploma   “graduation.” Not
      4 years after   a cohort on–time
      starting 9th grade   graduation statistic.