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Forum Curriculum for Improving Education Data
NCES 2007-808
May 2007


Each lesson plan provides

  • a general description of the lesson;
  • a list of the lesson objectives;
  • the lessonís essential learnings;
  • some introductory materials;
  • suggested activities to meet the lessonís objectives; and
  • (usually) a summary activity or description.

All handouts referred to as Lesson Resources in a given lesson are included as part of this website, though some may be found in other lessons. Items listed as Supplementary Resources can be found on the enclosed CD or downloaded according to the directions in Appendix C. Individual lesson plans might take from 1 to 2 hours to deliver and can be combined into half-day or full-day workshops as the needs of the participants dictate.

Part I: Foundational Data Improvement Lessons contain materials designed to introduce the important concepts for creating a culture of quality data to all LEA staff members who affect the production of quality data, including

  • board members;
  • superintendents;
  • principals;
  • data coordinators/stewards;
  • teachers;
  • technology support staff; and
  • office staff.

These Foundational Data Improvement Lessons could be given in a single workshop of fewer than 2 days or as a sequence of half-day workshops.

Part II: Data Steward/Coordinator Lessons provide materials for those staff members responsible for overseeing the quality of an LEA's data. In some LEAs, one person may be responsible for all dimensions of data work (documentation, report design, coordination of reporting, security and confidentiality practices, etc.). In other LEAs, those responsibilities may be divided among several central office and building staff. This training might be delivered to staff from multiple LEAs assigned to take on their districts' Data Steward/Coordinator responsibilities or to several Data Steward/Coordinator personnel assigned to particular buildings in a given district. Participants in these lessons should have completed the Foundational Data Improvement Lessons prior to attending these workshops. The Data Steward/Coordinator training should take 4 or 5 full days.

Appendix A: Glossary lists terms used in this curriculum and others commonly found in other documents pertaining to school data.

Appendix B: Downloading Lesson Plans and Lesson Resource Files lists Web links to modifiable files of the lesson plans and instructional materials used in this curriculum.

Appendix C: Downloading Supplementary Resources provides lists of print materials and websites that can be used to supplement lessons in this curriculum and URLs that link to those resources, organized by lesson.