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Forum Curriculum for Improving Education Data
NCES 2007-808
May 2007

Lesson: Data Steward/ Coordinator Responsibilities


Data Steward/Coordinator


This module is a detailed introduction to the roles and responsibilities of a Data Steward/Coordinator; it explores the relationships between the Data Steward/Coordinator and other district personnel with regard to data quality.


  • Define the roles and responsibilities of a Data Steward/Coordinator as they are actually assigned in each participant’s district.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the terms used in defining those responsibilities.

Instructor Preparation

  • Read the Forum Guide to Building a Culture of Quality Data: A School & District Resource to identify the roles of the key players in achieving quality data.
  • Make available a printed or electronic copy of the Forum Guide to Building a Culture of Quality Data: A School & District Resource for each participant to read.
  • Make a single copy of each of the following lesson resources (which can be found in the Lesson Resources section column at the top of this page) for each participant:
    • Quality Data: The Role of the Data Steward or Coordinator
    • Data Steward/Coordinator Responsibility Assignments

Essential Learnings

  • Data Steward/Coordinator responsibilities may be divided among several people within a district or school building. The importance of communication among those staff members cannot be overemphasized, as their responsibilities overlap and staff members interact with one another in many ways.
  • Communication skills are an important part of a Data Steward/Coordinator’s tool kit. The Data Steward/Coordinator must communicate effectively with many Local Education Agency (LEA) staff members across all levels of the organization both in advocating for the importance of quality data and in developing and overseeing the guidelines and procedures for data entry, error correction, timeline development, and project management.
  • The Data Steward/Coordinator plays a key leadership role in improving district and school policies and procedures to facilitate the improvement of data quality.