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Forum Curriculum for Improving Education Data
NCES 2007-808
May 2007

How to Use

The order in which lesson plans are presented in this publication provides a logical sequence of concepts, and each lesson plan contains a recommended list of handouts, activities, and reference materials for that lesson. In general, instructors should feel free to present the concepts and use the materials in any manner and any order they feel is appropriate to their teaching style and the needs of participants. The goal in designing these materials was to allow instructors the flexibility to make effective choices in providing this training.

However, it is highly recommended that the lesson titled What is a Culture of Quality Data? be considered a prerequisite for any other lesson in this curriculum. Knowledge of the concepts and terminology introduced and discussed in this lesson will make the other lessons easier for participants to understand.

Near the beginning of each lesson plan is a section suggesting tasks workshop instructors might undertake to prepare for lessons and a listing of important points to cover in the course of instruction. These, too, are subject to the instructor's judgment, based on previous training or information the participants may already know, the instructor's level of expertise, etc.

This curriculum is based on and refers to the Forum Guide to Building a Culture of Quality Data: A School & District Resource. Therefore, before delivering any of this training, instructors should familiarize themselves thoroughly with the Guide. Instructors delivering the lesson plans for Data Stewards/Coordinators should also have experience working with data management and data systems, as the discussions and questions that will arise in the course of the lessons are likely to be more technical and specific.