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Postsecondary Education

NCES 2006-160
May 2006

Chapter 6. Emerging Issues

This chapter consists of a series of recommendations and suggestions by recognized experts in the field on issues that are becoming increasingly important in tracking institutional physical assets. While not an integral part of a space inventory and classification system, they are often addressed by the same offices and individuals that are responsible for a space inventory. The issues and the principal contributors who address them are the following:

  • infrastructure reporting under Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) 34/35; Principal Contributor: Eric Ness, Suffolk University, Boston, MA.
  • Building preservation and development of capital improvement plans; Principal Contributor: Robert M. Broberg,
  • Maintenance and development of capital and operating budgets for maintenance; Principal Contributor: Henry DePerro, The Ford Foundation.
  • Privatization and the need for expanded definitions of ownership; Principal Contributor: William Bowes, University System of Georgia.
  • Comparison of the Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM) and commercial space measurement systems; Principal Contributor: Lawrence W. Vanderburgh, BOMI Institute.