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Postsecondary Education

NCES 2006-160
May 2006

4.2.7 Some Space Use Characteristics Not to Be Used as Space Use Categories

Some space use characteristics that should not be used as space use categories are as follows:

  • The designed architectural use of a space (e.g., a space designed as a laboratory but used as an office must be given the space use code of Office (310)).
  • The identification of a campus organizational unit or division that either controls or is assigned a space (e.g., a “Physics” Laboratory, or a “Registrar” Classroom). Organizational identification concerning space assignment is recorded in another of the four required data elements about space.
  • The rank of the space’s occupants (e.g., a “Professor’s” office or a “Secretary’s” Office). Again, occupant information may be recorded as optional data in a separate data structure.
  • The function, Academic Discipline, special physical characteristics, degrees of space suitability, and other such data that do not specifically address the space use codes in this chapter.