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Postsecondary Education

NCES 2006-160
May 2006

Appendix D: Suggested Infrastructure Classification Identifiers

This appendix suggests a way of organizing an inventory of infrastructure assets that categorizes infrastructure into nine basic grouping. Planners are encouraged to customize this listing to suit the particular needs of each institution. In general, the nomenclature for infrastructure classification provided in this appendix is similar to the format for coding nonassignable space in that it uses letters to categorize the infrastructure into nine basic groupings. Appendix F contains a coding system for assignable apace coding including room use coding, nonassignable space coding and infrastructure classification that makes use of numeric codes only. Appendix F also contains a table that translates the assignable and nonassignable space coding schemes used in the 1994 FICM and maintained in the body of the 2006 FICM into the unified numeric coding scheme to accommodate legacy systems.

Infrastructure Classifications Identifiers

Athletics Outdoor  
AAA01 Arenas - Open Air
AAA02 Baseball Fields
AAA03 Basketball Courts
AAA04 Bleachers
AAA05 Circuit Training Courses
AAA06 Climbing Walls
AAA07 Dugouts
AAA08 Field Light Poles
AAA09 Grass Playing Fields
AAA10 Hard Playing Surfaces
AAA11 Press Boxes
AAA12 Ropes Course Elements
AAA13 Running Tracks
AAA14 Scoreboards
AAA15 Shooting Ranges
AAA16 Ski Lifts
AAA17 Softball Fields
AAA18 Stadiums
AAA19 Swimming Pools - Open Air
AAA20 Synthetic Fields
AAA21 Tennis Courts
AAA22 Volleyball Courts
AAA23 Other Miscellaneous and Not Defined Athletic - Outdoor
LLL Land and Land Elements (land assets that are not already part of another support system)
LLL01 Pastures
LLL02 Preserve Areas (designated areas to protect flora, fauna, or geographic features)
LLL03 Undeveloped Property
LLL04 Water Bodies (ponds and lakes)
LLL05 Other Miscellaneous and Not Defined Land and Land Elements
Miscellaneous Structures (structures that do not have a building envelope)
MMM01 Amphitheaters
MMM02 Bridges Pedestrian
MMM03 Bridges Vehicular
MMMO4 Bus Shelter
MMMO5 Fences & Gates
MMM06 Flagpoles
MMM07 Hazardous Waste Collection/Storage Sheds
MMM08 Memorial/Donated Structures
MMM09 Retaining Walls
MMM10 Solid Waste Transfer Stations
MMM11 Statues
MMM12 Tanks - Fuel
MMM13 Tanks - Water
MMM14 Towers - Free Standing & Guy Supported
MMM15 Waterfront Piers/Docks
MMM16 Other Miscellaneous and Not Defined Miscellaneous Structures
Equipment (cannot travel on public roads)
EEE01 Attachments
EEE02 Hand-held/Worn
EEE03 Mobile Carts - Drivable
EEE04 Riding
EEE05 Walk Behind
EEE06 Other Miscellaneous and Not Defined Equipment
GGG Grounds (grounds items that grow)
GGG01 Arboretums
GGG02 Fairways
GGG03 Flower Beds
GGG04 Hedges
GGG05 Putting Greens
GGG06 Shrub Beds
GGG07 Trees - General
GGG08 Trees - Forest Preserve
GGG09 Turf - General
GGG10 Woody Shrubs
GGG11 Other Miscellaneous and Not Defined Grounds
Retired, Demolished Infrastructure
RRR01 Name of 1st element retired
RRR02 Name of 2nd element retired, etc.
Site Furnishings (grounds items that do not grow)
SSS01 Ash Receptacles
SSS02 Benches
SSS03 Bike Racks
SSS04 Bollards
SSS05 Cemeteries
SSS06 Drinking Fountains
SSS07 Grills - Outdoor
SSS08 Hardscape - Walkways
SSS09 Parking Lots
SSS10 Parking Meters
SSS11 Picnic Tables
SSS12 Plaques & Monuments
SSS13 Ramps
SSS14 Recycling Receptacles
SSS15 Hardscape - Roadways
SSS16 Signage - Exterior
SSS17 Trash Receptacles
SSS18 Other Miscellaneous and Not Defined Site Furnishings
Utilities Distribution Systems
UUU01 Cable TV
UUU02 Data
UUU03 Electric - High Voltage
UUU04 Electric - Low Voltage
UUU05 Electric - Secondary
UUU06 Energy Management
UUU07 Fire Alarm
UUU08 Fuel Distribution
UUU09 Fuel Storage
UUU10 Lighting - Pedestrian
UUU11 Lighting - Streets
UUU12 Natural Gas
UUU13 Sanitary Sewer
UUU14 Security
UUU15 Steam
UUU16 Storm Water
UUU17 Telephone - Campus
UUU18 Telephone - Emergency
UUU19 Telephone - Public
UUU20 Water - Chilled
UUU21 Water - Fire Protection
UUU22 Water - Heating
UUU23 Water - Irrigation
UUU24 Water - Potable
UUU25 Other Miscellaneous and Not Defined Utility Distribution Systems
Vehicles (can travel on public roads)
VVV01 Athletics Department
VVV02 Campus General Use
VVV03 Central Services (mailroom, shipping & receiving, etc.)
VVV04 Physical Plant/Facilities Department
VVV05 Other Miscellaneous and Not Defined Vehicles

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This organizational format was contributed by Eric Ness.