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Initial Results From the 2005 NHES Early Childhood Program Participation Survey

NCES 2006-075
May 2006


The authors would like to thank Chris Chapman and Gail Mulligan of the National Center for Education Statistics, and Frank Avenilla and Stacey Bielick of the American Institutes for Research, for their helpful suggestions and reviews of the report. We would also like to thank Marilyn Seastrom, James Griffin, Caroline Ebanks, John Wirt, and Valena Plisko for their invaluable help in reviewing this document. At Westat, we would like to thank Mary Hagedorn, the director of the NHES Program at Westat, Kevin O'Donnell, Patty Nicchitta, and Ying Long. Finally, we would like to thank the parents who provided the data upon which the report is based.