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Forum Unified Education Technology Suite
  Home:  Acknowledgments and Introduction
  Part 1:  Planning Your Technology Initiatives
  Part 2:  Determining Your Technology Needs
  Part 3:  Selecting Your Technology Solutions
  Part 4:  Implementing Your Technology
  Part 5:  Safeguarding Your Technology
  Part 6:  Maintaining and Supporting Your Technology
  Part 7:  Training for Your Technology
  Part 8:  Integrating Your Technology
  Appendix A: Sample
Acceptable Use
Agreements and Policies
  Appendix B: FERPA Fact Sheet
  Appendix C: Web Guidelines
  Appendix D: Sample Security Agreements
  List of Tables and Figures
    Powerpoint Overview (700KB)
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List of Tables and Figures


Table 2.1   Needs Assessment Information Gathering Techniques
Table 2.2   Sample Hardware Inventory
Table 2.3   Sample Software Inventory
Table 2.4   Sample Network Inventory
Table 3.1   Budgeting Categories
Table 4.1   Example of a Gantt Chart for Managing Project Progress


Figure 1.1   Process for Integrating New Or Upgraded Technology Solutions
Figure 2.1   Sample Questions for a General Administrative Needs Assessment
Figure 2.2   Key Questions about Organization Needs
Figure 2.3   Suggested Outline for a Needs Statement
Figure 2.4   Suggested Outline for a Functional Specifications Document
Figure 2.5   Conceptual Model of a Typical School District Network
Figure 3.1   Software Design Options
Figure 3.2   Software Option Trade Offs
Figure 3.3   Key Questions to Ask Before Looking at Software Products
Figure 3.4   Key Questions to Ask While Looking at Software Products
Figure 3.5   Site Selection Guidance
Figure 3.6   Helpful Hints for Site Selection and Preparation
Figure 3.7   Key Questions about Installing Equipment
Figure 3.8   Key Questions to Ask of References
Figure 3.9   Suggested Outline for an RFP (Request for Proposals)
Figure 3.10   Suggested Outline for presenting a Business Case
Figure 4.1   Considerations when Developing an Implementation Schedule
Figure 4.2   Helpful Hints for Performance Testing
Figure 4.3   Helpful Hints During System Conversion
Figure 5.1   Securing A Network
Figure 6.1   Key Questions to Ask About Maintenance Agreements with Outside Contractors
Figure 6.2   Key Questions to Ask About In-House System Maintenance
Figure 6.3   Key Questions to Ask About Re-deploying Equipment
Figure 6.4   Key Questions to Ask When Offered Donated Technology
Figure 6.5   Key Questions to Ask Before Relying Upon Volunteer Assistance
Figure 6.6   Identifying Qualified Help: Other Considerations
Figure 7.1   Key Questions About Who Should Deliver Professional Development
Figure 7.2   Key Questions to Ask About Where Training Should be Held
Figure 7.3   Key Questions to Ask About Additional Training

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