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Status and Trends in the Education of American Indians and Alaska Natives
7: Postsecondary Education

Indicator 7.1: Enrollment in Colleges and Universities
Indicator 7.2: Tribally Controlled Colleges
Indicator 7.3: Financial Aid
Indicator 7.4: Graduation Rates
Indicator 7.5: Degrees Conferred by Degree-Granting Institutions
Indicator 7.6: Bachelorís Degrees Earned by Field
Indicator 7.7: Masterís and Doctoral Degrees Earned by Field
Indicator 7.8: Faculty in Degree-Granting Institutions

This section contains indicators that examine the postsecondary education of American Indians/Alaska Natives, including college access, completion rates, types of degrees earned, and faculty composition. Access is measured by indicators on enrollment in 2- and 4-year institutions, as well as attendance at tribal colleges. College completion is measured by degrees earned at the associateís, bachelorís, masterís, and doctoral levels. Comparative information is also presented on the fields of study in which degrees are earned. Data on the distribution of faculty by race/ethnicity provide some additional information about the social context of American Indian/Alaska Native college education.