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Planning Guide for Maintaining School Facilities
Chapter 1
  Introduction to School Facilities Maintenance Planning
Chapter 2
    Planning for School Facilities Maintenance
Chapter 3
    Facility Audits: Knowing What You Have
Chapter 4
    Providing a Safe Environment for Learning
Chapter 5
    Maintaining School Facilities and Grounds
Chapter 6
    Effectively Managing Staff and Contractors
Chapter 7
    Evaluating Facilities Maintenance Efforts
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Preface: About This Planning Guide

The National Center for Education Statistics, the National Forum on Education Statistics, and the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO®) are pleased to provide this Planning Guide to education administrators, facilities staff, community members, and other individuals who are interested in the responsible management of our nation's school facilities. We believe that investing in the proper maintenance of school facilities is both a sound business and wise pedagogical decision.

A primary objective of this Planning Guide is to provide effective and practical recommendations for school facility maintenance planning in a user-friendly format. Thus, each chapter includes:

Graphic of Checkmark Table of Contents - to provide an overview and simplify navigation within the chapter
Graphic of Checkmark Chapter Goals - to state the major purposes of the chapter
Graphic of Checkmark Best Practice Recommendations - to describe how to accomplish the goals
Graphic of Checkmark Vignettes - to show how maintenance issues can play out in the real world
Graphic of Checkmark Commonly Asked Questions - to address anticipated concerns of readers
Graphic of Checkmark Checklists - to summarize recommendations
Graphic of Checkmark Additional Resources - to point readers to related information

While it is hoped that all of the information in this Planning Guide is valuable to facilities maintenance planners, some points stand out as being particularly important. To better emphasize these points, a few symbols are used throughout the document:

Image of Eagle With Hammer A "little birdie" isn't telling you, but the "maintenance eagle" is...
The "maintenance eagle" signifies a vignette that illustrates how good facilities maintenance (or a lack thereof ) can play out in the real world.
Images of Keys

"Key" points...
The ring of keys (which can sometimes be seen hanging from the belt of school facilities maintenance workers) signifies especially important, or "key," points.

Image of School Bus

"On the road" to the Web...
The school bus points to additional valuable resources that are available in print or on the World Wide Web.

Readers are permitted to modify, customize, and reproduce any part of this document.