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Planning Guide for Maintaining School Facilities
Chapter 1
  Introduction to School Facilities Maintenance Planning
Chapter 2
    Planning for School Facilities Maintenance
Chapter 3
    Facility Audits: Knowing What You Have
Chapter 4
    Providing a Safe Environment for Learning
Chapter 5
    Maintaining School Facilities and Grounds
Chapter 6
    Effectively Managing Staff and Contractors
Chapter 7
    Evaluating Facilities Maintenance Efforts
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Appendix A. Go to PDF Help (PDF-58kb) Chapter Checklists combines all the chapter checklists into a single list.

Appendix B. Additional Resources combines all the chapter lists of additional resources into a single alphabetical list.

Appendix C. State School Facilities Web sites lists state-specific facilities web sites, including many developed by states and state departments of education.

Appendix D. Go to PDF Help (PDF-31kb) Audit Form Template is a sample facility audit form designed for education organizations.

Appendix E. Go to PDF Help (PDF-20kb) Record Layout for a Computerized Work Order System is a resource for education organizations as they select data elements to be included in a work order system.

Appendix F. Go to PDF Help (PDF-41kb) Model Job Description for a Custodial Worker is a resource for education organizations as they develop their own job descriptions.

Appendix G. Go to PDF Help (PDF-26kb) Useful Interview Questions lists questions that can guide school district personnel as they interview potential employees.

Appendix H. Go to PDF Help (PDF-207kb) Using Mapping during the Interview Process describes a process that can help decision-makers identify the qualities of an "ideal" candidate for a given job.

Appendix I. Go to PDF Help (PDF-22kb) Sample Customer Survey Form is a resource for school districts as they develop their own evaluation materials.