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Planning Guide for Maintaining School Facilities
Chapter 1
  Introduction to School Facilities Maintenance Planning
Chapter 2
    Planning for School Facilities Maintenance
Chapter 3
    Facility Audits: Knowing What You Have
Chapter 4
    Providing a Safe Environment for Learning
Chapter 5
    Maintaining School Facilities and Grounds
Chapter 6
    Effectively Managing Staff and Contractors
Chapter 7
    Evaluating Facilities Maintenance Efforts
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This Planning Guide was developed through the National Cooperative Education Statistics System and funded by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)of the U.S. Department of Education. It is the product of a collaborative effort between the National Forum on Education Statistics and the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO®). It was conceptualized and developed by the School Facilities Maintenance Task Force of the National Forum on Education Statistics.

Roger Young (Haverhill, MA, Public Schools) served as the chairperson of the School Facilities Maintenance Task Force. He also initiated and promoted the partnership between the task force sponsors: the National Forum on Education Statistics and the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO). Without Mr. Young's leadership, this project and the resulting publication of this Planning Guide would never have materialized. Mr. Young was assisted by project consultant Tom Szuba, who was responsible for the day-to-day progress of task force activities, including much of the research and writing of this Planning Guide. Mr. Szuba also managed the final preparation of the manuscript for publication, including overseeing editorial and design tasks. Lee Hoffman of NCES shared her expertise as both a task force member and project advocate. Her contributions were invaluable to the success of the undertaking and cannot be overstated. Oona Cheung of the Council of Chief State School Officers also assisted with the overall management of this project.

The task force also wishes to acknowledge the efforts of many other organizations and individuals who contributed to the development of this Planning Guide. These include Massachusetts ASBO, Michigan ASBO, Pennsylvania ASBO, Texas ASBO, and the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities. Bethann Canada of the Virginia Department of Education served as the chairperson of the National Education Statistics Agenda Committee, which was the task force's sponsor within the National Forum on Education Statistics. Students in Katy, Texas, deserve recognition for volunteering their creative skills to draw "maintenance eagle" logos for the Planning Guide. The submission by Alex Fosnaugh, a student at Mayde Creek High School in Katy, Texas, was selected for inclusion in the Planning Guide. Marty Taylor edited the document, and The Creative Shop provided layout and design services.

Finally, the task force would like to express its gratitude to the more than 65 maintenance, operations, education, and other professionals who volunteered their time to review early drafts of the document. These reviews and site visits provided a "reality check" from users with a broad range of training, expertise, and responsibilities. Many reviewers contributed their real-world experience from both the school building and school district environments, representing education organizations from urban and rural, large and small, and geographically disparate localities. Other reviewers, including facilities maintenance vendors and service providers, represented the private sector. Still others represented professional organizations with an interest in improving school facilities across the nation. Contributions from the reviewers were constructive and substantial. The document was improved considerably after the task force incorporated feedback gathered during the public review process. The following is a list of individuals who shared their expertise and experience as document reviewers.

Joe Agron, Editor-in-Chief, American School and University Magazine, Overland Park, KS

Karen Anderson, Alliance to Save Energy Green Schools Program, Washington, DC

Bill Archer, Supervisor of Electrical Trades, Grand Rapids (MI) Public Schools

Mitch Bart, Director of Facilities, Kent (MI) ISD

Bruce Beamer, Director of Business, Clarkston (MI) Schools Services

Jim Biehle, AIA, Inside/Out Architecture, Inc. Clayton, MO

Jerry Blizzard, Director of Maintenance, Crosby (TX) ISD

Daniel Boggio, President, PBK Architects, Houston, TX

Don Bossley, Director of Maintenance, Cleveland (TX) ISD

Matthew Browne, Energy Manager, Alief (TX) ISD

Clint Byard, Director of Buildings and Grounds, Jonesboro (AR) Public Schools

Stephen Calvert, Building & Grounds Supervisor, Region IV ESC, Houston, TX

Patty Cammack, Commercial Account Manager, HVAC Mechanical/Trane, Houston, TX

C.G. Cezeaux, Director of Operations, Spring (TX) ISD

Peter Cholakis, Vice President, Marketing VFA, Inc. Boston, MA

Mike Clausen, Executive Director of Operations, La Port (TX) ISD

Nancy Comeau, Industrial Hygiene Supervisor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Leo Consiglio, Lincoln Park (MI) School District

Cheryl Corson, Communications Manager, National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities Washington, DC

Lawrence B. Curlis, Operations Manager, Fort Bend (TX) ISD

John Ewen, Support Services Director, East Lansing (MI) Public Schools

Jim Farrington, Maintenance Coordinator, Sheldon (TX) ISD

Michael A. Feeney, Chief, Emergency Response/Indoor Air Quality Program, Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Randall Fielding, Editor, DESIGN SHARE, Inc. Minneapolis, MN

Josephine Franklin, Program Development Manager, National Association of Secondary School Principals Reston, VA

Harry Galewsky, P.E., Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Consultant, Beaumont, TX

Gene Grillo, President, Bradford Environmental Consultants, Bradford, MA

Paul Gutewsky, Maintenance Manager, Lamarc (TX) ISD

Charles T. Hall, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. K-12 Performance Solutions Team, Buffalo Grove, IL

Len Hampton,Walnut Valley (CA) Unified School District

Jim Hayden, Director of Buildings and Grounds, Pinckney (MI) Community Schools

Michael Hayden, Director of Operations & Maintenance, Carson City-Crystal Area (MI) Schools

Don Hebeler, Operations Supervisor, Wyoming (MI) Public Schools

Willie Huggins, Director of Maintenance, Klein (TX) ISD

Brad Hunt, Business Manager/Board Secretary, Gettysburg Area (PA) School District

Andrew Kezanas, Sales Director, Envirotest, Inc. Houston, TX

Susan Lang, Executive Director, Association of School Business Officials of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Keith Langford, HVAC Supervisor, Stafford (TX) Municipal School District

Reagan LaPoint, President, Buckeye Cleaning Center Houston, TX

Barbara Kent Lawrence, Coordinator, School Community Facilities Network, The Rural School and Community Trust, Washington, DC

Gregory L. Lookabaugh, Director, Facilities Services Customer Support Services, Region IV Educational Service Center, Houston, TX

Lois Mastro, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Patrick McCarthy, Regional Sales Manager, Canberra Corporation, Dallas, TX

Kathy McDonald, Manager of Custodial Services, Spring Branch (TX) ISD

Charles D. McGinnis, Facilities Director, South Lyon (MI) Community Schools

Heidi O'Brien, Deputy Regional Director, Bureau of Waste Prevention, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Kagan Owens, Program Director, Beyond Pesticides National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides Washington, DC

Cathy Phillip, Operations Manager, Lakeland (IN) School Corporation

Ed Poprik, Director of Physical Plant, State College (PA) Area School District

Paul Potts, Kingscott Associates, Kalamazoo, MI

James Reed, Maintenance Supervisor, Crosby (TX) ISD

Lawrence Reeves, Director of Maintenance & Operations, Pearland (TX) ISD

Bernie Rice, Garden City (MI) Public Schools

David Rieger, Grand Rapids (MI) Public Schools

Emitte A. Roque, Executive Director of Buildings & Property, Aldine (TX) ISD

David Sanders, Director of Support Services, Friendswood (TX) ISD

Fred Schossan, Director of Physical Operations, Oak Park (MI) Public Schools

John Spencer, Facilities Manager, Portage (MI) Public Schools

Calvin Stockman, President, Growth Group, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ Michelle Tanem, Marketing Manager, Education Johnson Controls, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

John E. Thames, Director of Maintenance, Aldine (TX) ISD

John Thompson, Director of Operations & Maintenance, Fraser (MI) Public Schools

Jack Timmer, Director of Building Operations, Grandville (MI) Public Schools

Glynn Turner, Air Conditioning Technician, Sheldon (TX) ISD

George Waldrup, Hartland (MI) Schools

Charles Weaver, Vice President, Educational Facilities Kennedy Associates, Inc., St. Louis, MO

Donald Yeoman, Superintendent, Tri-Creek (IN) School Corporation