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Planning Guide for Maintaining School Facilities
Chapter 1
  Introduction to School Facilities Maintenance Planning
Chapter 2
    Planning for School Facilities Maintenance
Chapter 3
    Facility Audits: Knowing What You Have
Chapter 4
    Providing a Safe Environment for Learning
Chapter 5
    Maintaining School Facilities and Grounds
Chapter 6
    Effectively Managing Staff and Contractors
Chapter 7
    Evaluating Facilities Maintenance Efforts
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The following list is provided as a resource, but is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all facilities web sites available from states and state departments of education.

Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of all URLs listed in this Guide at the time of publication. If a URL is no longer working, try using the root directory to search for a page that may have moved. For example, if the link to is not working, try and search for “IAQ.”

Alabama State Department of Education: School Architect & School Facilities

Alaska Department of Education & Early Development: Facilities

Arizona School Facilities Board

Arkansas Department of Education: Public School Finance & Administration

California Department of General Services: Office of Public School Construction

Connecticut State Department of Education, Division of Grants Management: School Construction

Delaware Department of Education: Facility Assessment System

Florida Department of Education: Office of Educational Facilities

Georgia Department of Education: Facilities Services

Hawaii Department of Education: Facilities and
Support Services

Illinois School Construction Grant Program

Illinois State Board of Education: School Business and Support Services Division

Indiana State Board of Education: School Facility Guidelines

Iowa Department of Education: School Infrastructure

Kentucky Department of Education: Division
of Facilities Management

Maine Department of Education: School Facilities Services and Transportation

Maryland Public School Construction Program

Massachusetts Department of Education: School Building Assistance

Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning: Facilities/Organization

Mississippi Department of Education: Office of School Building

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: School Governance and Facilities

New Hampshire Department of Education: Office of School Building Aid

New Jersey Department of Education: School Facilities

New Mexico Public School Capital Outlay

New York State Education Department: Office of Facilities Planning

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction: School Planning

North Dakota Department of Public Instruction: School Finance and Organization

Ohio School Facilities Commission

Pennsylvania Department of Education: School Construction and Facilities

Rhode Island Department of Education: Federal and State Funding, School Construction Aid

South Carolina Department of Education: Office of School Facilities

Texas Education Agency: Facility Funding and Standards

Vermont Department of Education: Programs and Services/ School Construction

Virginia Department of Education: Facility Services

Washington State Board of Education: School Construction Assistance Program

West Virginia School Building Authority

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: School Management Services

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Following is a list of state-specific web sites that are not directly affiliated with state departments of education.

Florida School Plant Management Association

Iowa School Buildings and Grounds Association

Kentucky School Plant Management Association

Minnesota Association of School Maintenance Supervisors

Missouri School Plant Managers Association

New Jersey School Buildings and Grounds Association

New York State Association for Superintendents of School Buildings and Grounds

Oklahoma School Plant Management Association

Tennessee School Plant Management Association

Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations Administrators

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