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Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP 2000)
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CIP 2000 - CIP Lookup to Occupational Crosswalks 

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(1990 Crosswalk)
Nuclear/Nuclear Power Technology/Technician.   A program that prepares individuals to apply scientific principles and technical skills in support of research scientists and operating engineers engaged in the running of nuclear reactors, and in nuclear materials processing and disposal. Includes instruction in basic nuclear physics and nuclear engineering, monitoring and safety procedures, radioactive materials handling and disposal, equipment maintenance and operation, and record keeping.

2000 Census Classification
194Nuclear Technicians
860Power Plant Operators, Distributors, & Dispatchers

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Employment Statistics Classification
51-8011Nuclear Power Reactor Operators
19-4051Nuclear Technicians

OMB/SOC Classification
51-8011Nuclear Power Reactor Operators
19-4051Nuclear Technicians

Employment & Training Administration - O*NET Classification
19-4051.01Nuclear Equipment Operation Technicians
19-4051.02Nuclear Monitoring Technicians
51-8011.00Nuclear Power Reactor Operators
19-4051.00Nuclear Technicians

National Skill Standards Board - Industry Cluster
7Manufacturing, Installation & Repair
15Utilities & Environment

Department of Education - Career Cluster
1Agriculture/Natural Resource
15Scientific Research/Engineering