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Introduction Purpose of this Booklet Contents of this Booklet Description of a Student Record Description of a Student Record System Benefits of a Well-Designed Automated Student Record System Steps for Designing and Implementing an Automated Student Record System Summary Resource List
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With proper planning and management, a student record system can be a valuable resource to many people, ranging from parents and local school officials to researchers and policy-makers. While many of the decisions concerning design and implementation are made only once, it is important to note that some aspects of planning and management are recurring and must be reviewed regularly to ensure long-term effectiveness.

  • Whenever data are entered into the system, care must be taken to promote data integrity. Suggestions in Steps 8 and 10 should be heeded on an ongoing basis.
  • Similarly, procedures for security and providing access, discussed in Step 9, must be continuously updated and monitored to ensure the confidentiality of student records.
  • The needs of users will change over time. Thus, you will need to review Step 1 on a periodic basis to be sure that the system is meeting the needs of the users.

Following the steps in this booklet will help those who are designing and managing an automated student record system to make the best decisions to maximize usefulness while protecting confidential information.

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