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Introduction Purpose of this Booklet Contents of this Booklet Description of a Student Record Description of a Student Record System Benefits of a Well-Designed Automated Student Record System Steps for Designing and Implementing an Automated Student Record System Summary Resource List
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This booklet provides guidance on building an effective automated student record system.

Purpose of this Booklet

Building an Automated Student Record System describes steps that are useful for education organizations to follow when planning for, designing, and implementing an automated student record system. This booklet should be particularly useful if your school or district is moving from paper records to automated student records or if you are revising or replacing an existing system. In addition, you may find information that is useful if your state education agency is building a new student record system or expanding the collection of individual student records.

The information in this booklet provides guidance concerning:

  • the development of an efficient and effective automated student record system,
  • the selection of appropriate procedures and security measures needed to maintain the automated student record system, and
  • appropriate uses of an automated student record system.

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