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Introduction Purpose of this Booklet Contents of this Booklet Description of a Student Record Description of a Student Record System Benefits of a Well-Designed Automated Student Record System Steps for Designing and Implementing an Automated Student Record System Summary Resource List
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Guidelines, case studies, and checklists help the reader make decisions about student record systems.

Contents of this Booklet

Included are twelve steps to consider when developing and implementing an automated student record system. Many of these steps are relevant to the implementation of any administrative record system, but our focus here is on the special considerations relating to student records, including confidentiality and access.

After a general discussion about student records and student record systems, each step is described. Examples, case studies, and checklists are included to help you work your way through the steps and make crucial decisions. Related resource documents will be described for some of the steps.

It should be noted that this book is derived from a chapter that appears in the National Center for Education Statistics' (NCES) Student Data Handbook for Elementary, Secondary, and Early Childhood Education: 2000 Edition. In addition, information from other documents developed or sponsored by NCES and the advisory group, the National Forum on Education Statistics, are referenced and parts included in this booklet. Each of these documents is described in the Resource List at the end of the booklet, along with ways to obtain copies of the printed documents or the online versions.

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