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Urban Schools: The Challenge of Location and Poverty

NCES 96-184 Ordering information
July 1996

This is an analytic report that draws from several NCES surveys to illuminate the question of the condition of education in urban schools compared to schools in other locations. The report is provided in a series of Portable Document Format (PDF) files which require the Adobe acrobat reader, which is available free of charge from the Adobe website. If you have the reader installed simply click the pdf icons. The executive summary, however, can be browsed without this reader. Simply, click the underlined entry in the table of contents.

PDF Urban Schools: The Challenge of Location and Poverty (Entire file) (817 kb)

PDF Cover, title page
PDF Table of Contents

Table of Contents

PDF Foreword
PDF Acknowledgments
PDF Executive Summary
PDF List of Figures
PDF List of Charts and Tables
PDF Introduction
PDF Education Outcomes
PDF Student Background Characteristics and Afterschool Activities
PDF School Experiences
PDF Appendix A: Estimates and Standard Error Tables
PDF Appendix B: Methodology of Analysis
PDF Appendix C: Technical Notes
PDF Appendix D: Data Sources and Definitions
PDF Appendix E: Bibliography

For questions about the content of this report contact Lisa Hudson.