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Private Schools in the United States: A Statistical Profile, 1993-94 / Acknowledgments


This report is a sequel to the statistical profile of private schols published by the (NCES) in 1995. The earlier report presented data from the 1987-88 and 1990-91 Schools and Staffing Survey, and the present report presents data from the 1993-94 Schools and Staffing Survey. Many people made this report possible. First, comments made on the previous report by representatives of the private school community have played a signif-icant role in the design this report, which is aimed to meet the needs of that community. Second, comments on early drafts contributed by Stephen Broughman, Dan Kasprzyk, Steve Kaufman, and Marilyn McMillen, of NCES, have improved the final version, as have the recommendations of the adjudica-tion panelists, Susan Ahmed, Steve Gorman, Jack Klenk, Meg Moulton, and Tom Smith. Kerry Gruber, of NCES, provided valuable assistance in obtaining updated information on the 1993-94 Schools and Staffing Survey during the course of analyses for this report.

A number of individuals at the American Institutes for Research contributed to the report. Victor Bandeira de Mello played a central role in the design of the graphic profiles, and Shannon Daugherty implemented the graphic profiles, using DeltaGraph and FrameMaker. Phyllis DuBois and Bill Lu assisted in drafting the text to accompany the profiles, and Robert Vergun assisted with programming in SAS to provide the numbers to enter into the tables. Finally, Grace Wu very proficiently prepared the tables in the report and implemented responses to editorial comments on earlier drafts.

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