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Education in States and Nations: 1991

(ESN) Table 17a: Percentage of 13-year-old students who report they sometimes use calculators in school or computers for school work or homework, by country: 1991

                              Percent who        Percent who
Country                   use calculators      use computers
Sao Paulo and Fortaleza, Brazil        4                 4
Canada                                75                42
China                                  7                 6
England                               90                44
France                                94                57
Hungary                               71                31
Ireland                               25                13
Emilia Romagna, Italy                 64                40
Jordan                                 5                 5
Korea                                  4                10
Portugal                              19                 7
Scotland                              82                38
Slovenia                              46                61
Soviet Union                          19                 6
Spain                                 45                12
Switzerland                           51                25
Taiwan                                62                 6
United States                         54                37

NOTE: Differences exist in the wording of the question regarding calculator use and in the samples of students questioned that may account for a difference in results between the United States' averages on the two questionnaire administrations, the IAEP and the NAEP. See supplemental note to Indicator 17 for details on data and sample sizes from Canada, Emilia Romagna (Italy), England, Israel, Portugal, Scotland, the Soviet Union, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States; and for discussions of students' use of computers and calculators, the International Assessment of Educational Progress (IAEP), the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), and comparing questionnaire results of the IAEP and the NAEP.

SOURCE: Educational Testing Service, International Assessment of Educational Progress, Learning Mathematics, Figure 3.4.

Figure 17 Processes and Institutions Indicators Table 17b