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Title: The impact of computer usage on academic performance: Evidence from a randomized trial at the United States Military Academy
Description: The 2016 study, "The Impact of Computer Usage on Academic Performance: Evidence from a Randomized Trial at the United States Military Academy," examined the impacts of computer usage on the academic performance of college students. The study found that students who were permitted to use Internet-enabled devices in class scored lower on final exams than those in classes that prohibited the use of such devices. The impact estimate for the combined multiple choice and short answer portion of the final exam meets WWC group design standards without reservations. The impact estimate for the essay question portion of the final exam does not meet WWC group design standards because essays were only graded once and therefore, the authors were unable to report a measure of reliability for these scores.
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Cover Date: February 2017
Web Release: February 22, 2017
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Publication #: WWC SSR82160
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Center/Program: WWC
Associated Centers: NCEE
Type of Product: Single Study Review
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