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Title: Milieu Teaching
Description: Milieu teaching is a practice that involves manipulating or arranging stimuli in a preschool child’s natural environment to create a setting that encourages the child to engage in a targeted behavior. Typically, milieu teaching involves four strategies that a teacher will utilize to encourage a student to demonstrate the targeted behavior, such as using a particular language structure: modeling, mand-modeling, incidental teaching, and time-delay. The WWC reviewed 162 studies that investigated the effects of milieu teaching on preschool children with disabilities. One study is a randomized controlled trial that meets WWC evidence standards without reservations. The study included 40 preschool children with developmental delays attending two schools in Davidson County, Tennessee. Based on this study, the WWC found milieu teaching to have no discernible effects on communication/language competencies for preschool children with disabilities.
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Cover Date: April 2012
Web Release: April 24, 2012
Publication #: WWC IRSNMT12
Center/Program: WWC
Associated Centers: NCEE
Type of Product: Intervention Report
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