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Title: Connected Mathematics Project
Description: The Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) is a problem-centered mathematics curriculum designed for all students in grades 6-8. Each grade level of the curriculum is a full-year program and covers numbers, algebra, geometry/measurement, probability, and statistics. The program seeks to make connections within mathematics, between mathematics and other subject areas, and to the real world. The curriculum is divided into a sequenced set of units, each organized around different mathematical topics. The four to seven lessons in a unit each contain one to five problems that the teacher and students explore in class. Additional problem sets, called Applications, Connections, and Extensions, in each lesson help students practice, apply, connect, and extend their understanding and skills. Each lesson culminates in a Mathematical Reflections activity. According to the developers, the CMP addresses National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards.
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Cover Date: January 2010
Web Release: January 26, 2010
Publication #: WWC IRMMCM10
Center/Program: WWC
Type of Product: Intervention Report
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