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Title: An Evaluation of Number Rockets: A Tier 2 Intervention for Grade 1 Students At Risk for Difficulties in Mathematics

For report NCEE 2012-4007 An Evaluation of Number Rockets: A Tier-2 Intervention for Grade 1 Students at Risk for Difficulties in Mathematics

This file contains data from a rigorous experimental study of the impact of the Number Rockets small group tutoring program on grade 1 math achievement. Number Rockets is an early mathematics intervention targeted to students at risk of falling behind. This study found that the Number Rockets intervention had a positive effect on math achievement in grade 1, without having a negative effect on reading achievement. Comparison students received regular core mathematics instruction but no additional support.

There is information from 2,719 students: 1,643 intervention, 1,076 control who consented to participate in the study. These students were screened using a measure composed of six subtests. Three subtests were used in the Fuchs et al. (2005) study and measure grade 1 mathematics skills in solving computation problems, concept/application problems, and brief story problems; the other three were selected from research on valid screening measures in mathematics for grade 1 students (Jordan et al. 2007; Geary 1993; Baker et al. 2006; Clarke et al. 2006) and measure number sense, comparative judgments of numerical magnitude, and working memory. Administration time was about 25 minutes. Students with a screener composite score at or below the sample’s 35th percentile (994 students; 615 intervention, 379 control) were considered at risk and participated in the study.

Online Availability:
Cover Date: June 2012
Web Release: June 19, 2012
Publication #: NCEE 20124042
Center/Program: NCEE
Type of Product: Data File
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Erin Pollard.