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Title:  1995 National Household Education Survey (NHES:95) Questionnaires: Screener, Early Childhood Program Participation, and Adult Education
Description: The NHES:95 is designed to cover two topical components: (1) Early Childhood Program Participation (ECPP) and (2) Adult Education (AE). The ECPP component includes all children from birth through 3rd grade, up to age 10 (as of December 31, 1994). The parent or guardian who knows the most about the child's care and education were interviewed. Typically, the respondents to the ECPP interview were the mothers of the sampled children. Up to two children in each household were selected. For the AE component, interviews were conducted with persons who were age 16 and older and not enrolled in elementary or secondary school. Adults who had not finished high school and persons identified as adult education participants at the screening stage were oversampled. In most households, only one adult was interviewed; two adults were sampled if one or more adults in the household were AE participants who had not completed high school. In order to examine methodological issues associated with the measurement of adult education participation, a brief interview replicating the NHES:91 items determining participation status was also conducted with a special sample of adults, called the splice sample.
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Cover Date: October 1996
Web Release: October 30, 1996
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Publication #: NCES 9622
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