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Title: English Language Program Participation Among Students in the Kindergarten Class of 2010–11: Spring 2011 to Spring 2012
Description: This Statistics in Brief examines differences in the student and school characteristics of kindergartners who participated in instructional programs designed to teach English language skills and students who did not participate in such programs in the kindergarten class of 201011. The brief then examines the characteristics of the English language program (e.g., English as a second language, bilingual education, and dual-language education) that participating students were receiving in spring 2011 and changes in participation in these programs between spring 2011 and spring 2012. Data come from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 201011 (ECLS-K:2011), a longitudinal study that was designed to follow the same children from kindergarten through fifth grade.
Online Availability:
Cover Date: July 2018
Web Release: July 17, 2018
Publication #: NCES 2018086
Center/Program: NCES
Associated Centers: IES
Type of Product: Statistics in Brief
Survey/Program Areas: Early Childhood Longitudinal Study (ECLS)
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