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NCEE 20114024 Middle School Mathematics Professional Development Impact Study: Findings After the Second Year of Implementation
This study examines the impact of intensive mathematics professional development (PD) on teachers' knowledge and teaching skills for 7th grade mathematics in rational number topics such as fractions, decimals, percent, ratio, and proportion. The intensive PD studied includes over 100 hours of support in the form of summer institutes, seminars, and in-school coaching. Schools in 12 districts participating in the study were randomly assigned to receive the intensive PD activities or only the PD activities normally provided by the district. All 7th grade teachers teaching at least one regular seventh-grade mathematics class within the treatment schools were offered the intensive PD during the first year of implementation. In 6 of the districts, the intensive PD was provided to eligible 7th grade teachers in the study schools for a second year.
NCES 2011235 Web Tables—Public High School Teachers of Career and Technical Education in 2007-08
These Web Tables describe public school teachers of grades 9–12 during the 2007–08 school year, looking specifically at teachers whose primary teaching assignment was in career and technical education (CTE). Teachers are examined by their demographic and professional characteristics, the location and types of schools in which they taught, the characteristics of their students, and their main teaching assignment. The data are from the 2007–08 administration of the National Center for Education Statistics’ Schools and Staffing Survey.
NCEE 20094044 An Evaluation of Teachers Trained Through Different Routes to Certification
The restricted-use file for this study contains data for the 2004-05 and 2005-06 school years including demographic data on schools, alternative certification route program information, teacher surveys of teacher training program experiences and teacher background data, classroom observations of teacher practices, and student demographic data and math and reading achievement for elementary school students.
NCEE 20094073 Impacts of Comprehensive Teacher Induction: Results from the Second Year of a Randomized Controlled Study
The restricted-use file for this study includes data from the 2005-06 and 2006-07 school years including background information on teachers and mentors, measures of teacher induction support, and student achievement data, as well as classroom observation data collected in spring 2006 and teacher retention data collected through Fall 2007 (the beginning of teachers' third year in the classroom).
REL 2010097 How Well Prepared and Supported are New Teachers? Results for the Northwest Region from the 2003/04 Schools and Staffing Survey
Teacher turnover in public schools, especially among new and early-career teachers, is estimated to cost more than $7 billion a year. Research on teacher quality has identified various types of support used to help keep teachers in their schools beyond their first year of teaching, including access to mentors in the same subject area and participation in induction activities, such as planning and collaboration with other teachers.
WWC QRTAP0929 Evaluation of Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) in Chicago
The WWC quick review of the report "An Evaluation of the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) in Chicago" reviews a study that examined whether the Chicago Teacher Advancement Program, which provides financial incentives for teachers, leads to improved student achievement and teacher retention. The study analyzed data on more than 67,000 students in grades 4 through 8 and on more than 8,000 teachers in about 260 elementary schools in the Chicago Public Schools system. Academic achievement in reading and math was measured using the Illinois Standards Achievement Test, administered in spring of the second study year. Teacher retention was measured as the percentage of teachers who returned to their district and school after the second study year. Study authors found that, compared with a group of matched comparison schools, students at the 16 Teacher Advancement Program schools did not have significantly higher scores on state reading or mathematics tests. The authors reported no significant effect of the Teacher Advancement Program on teacher retention at either the school or district level. The WWC rated the research described in this report as meets WWC evidence standards with reservations but offers a word of caution to readers that the groups of students, teachers, and schools compared in the analysis may have differed from each other in ways not controlled for in the analysis.
NCEE 20104036 Study of Teacher Preparation in Early Reading Instruction
The study collected data from a sample of 2,237 pre-service teachers attending a nationally representative sample of 99 institutions that prepare teachers for initial certification. Pre-service teachers completed a survey with items about the emphasis within their coursework and their exposure through field experiences to the essential components of reading instruction, as defined in the Reading First legislation (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, reading fluency, and reading comprehension strategies). The pre-service teachers also took an assessment of their knowledge of the essential components. The study administered the survey and assessment in the spring and summer of 2007, which represented the end of the sampled pre-service teachers' training programs. The study found that:
  • Pre-service teachers rated the overall focus of their training programs on the essential components of reading as being above "little" but below "moderate,"
  • Sixty-nine percent of pre-service teachers reported a moderate overall programmatic focus on the essential components of reading, 25 percent reported a strong focus, and 6 percent reported a weak focus
  • On average, pre-service teachers responded correctly to 57 percent of the items on the Knowledge Assessment.
NCES 2010363 2007-08 Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS) and 2008-09 Teacher Follow-up Survey (TFS) (CD ROM) Restricted-Use Data with Codebook
The restricted-use codebook contains the count of responses for each data item and all components of SASS in 2007-2008 and the 2008-2009 TFS. The TFS data and User's manual are the added features to this re-release of the 2007-2008 SASS restricted-use ECB.
REL QRMSM0824 WWC Quick Review of the Report "Middle School Mathematics Professional Development Impact Study: Findings After the First Year of Implementation"
The study examined whether 7th-graders' knowledge of rational numbers improved when the students' math teachers participated in related professional development activities. The study analyzed data on about 4,500 students and 200 teachers from approximately 80 schools in 12 districts during the 2007-08 academic year. The effects of professional development were measured by comparing student outcomes at the end of the academic year in schools that were offered professional development provided by the study with outcomes in schools that did not. The study found that students in schools where teachers were offered extensive professional development performed the same on a test of math achievement in rational numbers as students in comparison schools at the end of the 2007-08 academic year. Further, the study found that the professional development had no impact on teacher knowledge of rational number topics and on how to teach them. However, the study found a significant positive impact of the professional development on one of the three measures of teacher instructional practices examined. Teachers who were offered the study's professional development engaged in 1.03 more activities per hour that elicited student thinking than teachers not offered the study's professional development. The WWC rated the research described in this report as consistent with WWC evidence standards.
REL 2010090 Do States Have Certification Requirements for Preparing General Education Teachers to Teach Students with Disabilities? Experience in the Northeast and Islands Region
This report on teacher certification requirements in the Northeast and Islands Region finds that eight of the nine jurisdictions require some coursework in teaching students with disabilities for initial licensure of general education teachers.
NCEE 20094072 Impacts of Comprehensive Teacher Induction: Results from the Second Year of a Randomized Controlled Study
The report, Impacts of Comprehensive Teacher Induction: Results from the Second Year of a Randomized Controlled Study, compares outcomes of teachers offered intensive induction activities with full-time mentors to those of teachers with less intensive, less structured induction activities using an experimental study design. This second report includes information from10 districts in which teachers were offered one year of comprehensive induction services ("one-year" districts) and 7 districts in which teachers were offered two years of comprehensive induction services ("two-year" districts).

In two-year districts, treatment teachers reported receiving more support than did their counterparts during their second year in the classroom. For one-year districts, treatment teachers received less support than their counterparts during their second year in the classroom. In both one-year and two-year districts, there was no impact on teacher retention rates or overall student achievement.
WWC QRETT0709 An Evaluation of Teachers Trained through Different Routes to Certification
This study examined whether having a teacher who chose an alternate route to certification (AC) rather than a teacher who chose a traditional certification route (TC) affects the reading and math achievement of elementary school students.
REL 2009075 A Multistate Review of Professional Teaching Standards
This review of teaching standards in six states—California, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas—focuses on the structure, target audience, and selected content of the standards to inform California's revision of its teaching standards. The report was developed at the request of key education agencies in California.
WWC QRNB0609 National Board Certification and Teacher Effectiveness Study
This study examined whether having a teacher with National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification improves student achievement.
NCES 2009039 Comparative Indicators of Education in the United States and Other G-8 Countries: 2009
This report describes how the education system in the United States compares with education systems in the other G-8 countries--Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom. Twenty-seven indicators are organized in five sections: (1) population and school enrollment; (2) academic performance (including subsections for reading, mathematics, and science); (3) context for learning; (4) expenditure for education; and (5) education returns: educational attainment and income. This report draws on the most current information about education from four primary sources: the Indicators of National Education Systems (INES) at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), and the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).
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