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Youth Indicators, 2005: Trends in the Well-Being of American Youth

Indicator 51: Death and Causes of Death

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Table 51. Number of deaths per 100,000 persons 5 to 14 and 15 to 24 years old, by sex, race, and cause of death: Various years, 1960 to 2000
5 to 14 years old
All causes46.641.335.230.626.324.022.519.919.218.017.3
 Males, total55.750.543.336.731.628.526.723.422.220.919.8
   Males, White152.748.040.935.029.926.424.521.220.319.818.4
   Males, Black175.
 Females, total37.331.826.824.220.819.318.
   Females, White134.729.925.522.919.417.916.615.014.914.113.9
   Females, Black153.843.834.030.528.127.526.523.122.620.018.7
   Motor vehicle accidents7.910.—4.34.1
   All other accidents11.——
 Homicide and legal intervention0.
   Males, White10.
   Males, Black11.
   Females, White10.
   Females, Black11.
 Heart disease1.
15 to 24 years old
All causes106.3127.7117.3115.495.999.295.382.381.279.980.7
 Males, total152.1188.5174.1172.3141.1147.4140.5119.3115.9114.9117.0
   Males, White1143.7170.8163.6167.0136.3131.3122.3107.6104.9105.8108.0
   Males, Black1212.0320.6246.0209.1174.1252.2249.2194.6185.6181.4180.7
 Females, total61.368.159.857.549.949.048.143.544.743.142.6
   Females, White154.961.655.355.548.445.944.341.
   Females, Black1107.5111.987.070.559.568.770.358.060.158.354.9
   Motor vehicle accidents38.—26.926.8
   All other accidents18.121.521.116.912.———
   Males, White18.613.919.621.422.723.223.519.317.817.917.6
   Males, Black14.110.512.712.313.315.
   Females, White12.
   Females, Black1#
 Homicide and legal intervention5.911.713.715.612.119.920.314.813.212.613.3
   Males, White14.47.911.215.511.215.416.512.210.59.911.2
   Males, Black146.4102.589.084.365.9138.3132.096.585.185.385.7
   Females, White11.
   Females, Black111.917.720.318.414.218.916.812.611.510.78.9
 Heart disease4.
—Not available.
#Rounds to zero.
1Includes persons of Hispanic origin. For the year 1960, Black category includes all races except White.
2Includes persons ages 1–14.
3Death rate by motor vehicles was not provided separately.
NOTE: Rates for 2000 and 2001 were computed using 2000-based postcensal estimates and may differ from previously published estimates.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Vital Statistics of the United States, Volume II—Mortality, Part A, various years; Monthly Vital Statistics Report, vols. 42, 44, and 45; and National Vital Statistics Report, 1999 and 2000.

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