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Youth Indicators, 2005: Trends in the Well-Being of American Youth

Indicator 35: Afterschool Activities

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Table 35. Percentage of high school seniors who participated in various recreational activities at least once a week: Various years, 1979 to 2001
Recreational activity1979198519911995199920002001
Watch TV94.894.995.495.095.594.994.0
Go to movies9.711.
Go to rock concerts1
Ride around in a car (or motorcycle) just for fun71.868.167.660.364.367.964.7
Play musical instrument or sing42.838.036.139.641.643.444.2
Do creative writing15.419.023.121.619.820.922.9
Actively participate in sports, athletics, or exercising71.668.770.370.869.070.567.1
Do art or craft work24.120.923.524.723.326.326.4
Work around the house, yard, garden, car, etc.78.573.969.664.463.962.264.2
Get together with friends informally88.687.188.386.186.486.286.3
Go shopping or window-shopping37.939.438.036.938.737.038.9
Spend at least an hour of leisure time alone79.376.474.872.873.873.276.0
Read books, magazines, or newspapers84.781.
Go to taverns, bars, or nightclubs22.313.413.010.713.412.213.9
Go to parties or other social affairs39.935.837.533.638.337.438.2
Not available.
1At least once a month.
NOTE: Percentages reflect the percentage of high school seniors who responded that they participated in these activities 'almost every day' or 'at least once a week.' The response rates for this survey do not meet NCES statistical standards.
SOURCE: University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research, Monitoring the Future, various years.

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