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Youth Indicators, 2005: Trends in the Well-Being of American Youth

Indicator 3: Living Arrangements of Young Adults

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Table 3. Living arrangements of 18- to 24-year-olds, by sex: Various years, 1960 to 2003
Living arrangement of
18- to 24-year-olds
 Number (in thousands)
 Child of householder16,33310,58214,09113,36713,22413,82313,898
 Family householder or spouse6,1868,4708,4085,6315,2525,0655,082
 Nonfamily householder23541,0662,7762,2522,3462,4983,049
 Child of householder13,5835,6417,7557,2327,3287,5937,613
 Family householder or spouse2,1603,1193,0411,8381,6841,6691,788
 Nonfamily householder21825631,5811,2281,2461,2791,507
 Child of householder12,7504,9416,3366,1355,8966,2326,286
 Family householder or spouse4,0265,3515,3673,7933,5683,3963,294
 Nonfamily householder21725031,1951,0241,1001,2191,541
 Percentage distribution
 Child of householder143.047.348.452.852.652.150.7
 Family householder or spouse42.037.928.922.220.919.118.5
 Nonfamily householder22.
 Child of householder152.454.354.358.158.457.155.1
 Family householder or spouse31.630.021.314.813.412.612.9
 Nonfamily householder22.75.411.
 Child of householder134.941.342.747.746.747.146.2
 Family householder or spouse51.144.736.229.528.325.624.2
 Nonfamily householder22.
1Child of householder includes unmarried college students living in dormitories.
2A nonfamily householder is an unmarried person maintaining a household while living alone or with nonrelatives.
3Includes roomers, boarders, paid employees, nonrelatives, and relatives sharing a household but not classified as the householder.
NOTE: A householder is defined as the person (or one of the persons) in whose name the housing unit is owned or rented. There can only be one householder per household. See Glossary for additional clarification of terms. This table excludes inmates of institutions and military personnel living in barracks. Detail may not sum to totals because of rounding.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Commerce, Census Bureau, Current Population Reports, Series P-20, Marital Status and Living Arrangements, various years; America's Families and Living Arrangements, various years.

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