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Table 2.5. Science statewide high school assessments and grade administered, by state: 2017–18

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State Assessment name Grade administered Content areas assessed Assessment included in
accountability system
Alabama ACT Plus Writing 11 Comprehensive No
Alaska Alaska Science Assessment 10 Comprehensive No
Arizona1 Arizona’s Instrument to Measure
Standards (AIMS) Science
10 Comprehensive No
Arkansas ACT Aspire Early High School 9, 10 Comprehensive Yes
California California Standards Test 12 Comprehensive No
Colorado Colorado Measures of Academic
Success (CMAS) for science
11 Comprehensive Yes
Connecticut Connecticut Next Generation
Science Standards Assessment
11 Comprehensive Yes
Delaware Delaware Comprehensive
Assessment System (DCAS) for science
10 Comprehensive Yes
District of Columbia2 DC Next Generation Science Assessment End of Course (EOC) Biology No
Florida Biology I EOC EOC Biology Yes
Georgia3 Georgia Milestones Biology EOC EOC Biology Yes
  Georgia Milestones Physical Science EOC EOC Physical science Yes
Hawaii Biology I EOC EOC Biology No
Idaho4 Biology EOC EOC Biology No
  Chemistry EOC EOC Chemistry No
Illinois5 Illinois State Science Assessment
(content aligned to biology I)
EOC Biology Yes
Indiana Indiana Statewide Testing for
Educational Progress Plus (ISTEP+)
End of Course Assessments in biology I
EOC6 Biology No
Iowa Iowa Assessments 11 Comprehensive No
Kansas Kansas Assessment Program for science 11 Comprehensive No
Kentucky7 Kentucky End of Course Field Test: Biology EOC Biology Yes
Louisiana Biology EOC EOC Biology Yes
Maine Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) 11 Comprehensive No
Maryland8 Maryland Integrated Science
Assessment (MISA)
EOC Comprehensive No
Massachusetts Massachusetts Comprehensive
Assessment System (MCAS)
Technology/Engineering EOC
EOC Technology/engineering Yes
  MCAS Biology EOC EOC Biology Yes
  MCAS Chemistry EOC EOC Chemistry Yes
  MCAS Introductory Physics EOC EOC Introductory physics Yes
Michigan Michigan Student Test of
Educational Progress (M-STEP)
11 Comprehensive No
Minnesota Minnesota Comprehensive
Assessments (MCA-III): Science
End of Instruction in
biology or life science
Biology/life science No
Mississippi Subject Area Testing Program,
2nd Edition (SATP2) in biology
EOC9 Biology Yes
Missouri10 Biology EOC EOC Biology No
  Physical science EOC EOC Physical science No
Montana Criterion-Referenced Test (CRT) in science 10 Comprehensive No
Nebraska Nebraska State Accountability
Tests (NeSA) Science (ACT)
11 Comprehensive Yes
Nevada Nevada High School Science Assessment EOC Life science Yes
New Hampshire New Hampshire Statewide
Assessment System (SAS) for science
11 Comprehensive No
New Jersey11 New Jersey Student Learning
Assessment– Science (NJSLA-S)
11 Comprehensive No
New Mexico New Mexico Standards Based
Assessment (SBA) in science
11 Comprehensive Yes
New York New York State Regents Exam in
EOC Chemistry Yes
  New York State Regents Exam in
Earth Science
EOC Earth science Yes
  New York State Regents Exam in
Living Environment
EOC Living environment Yes
  New York State Regents Competency
Tests in Physics
EOC Physics Yes
North Carolina North Carolina READY EOC in biology EOC Biology Yes
North Dakota North Dakota State Assessment
(NDSA) for science
11 Comprehensive No
Ohio Biology Ohio State Test (OST) EOC Biology Yes
Oklahoma12 Oklahoma School Testing Program
(OSTP) Grade 10 assessment in science
10 Comprehensive Yes
Oregon Oregon Assessment of Knowledge
and Skills (OAKS) for science
11 Comprehensive No
Pennsylvania Keystone Exam in biology EOC Biology Yes
Rhode Island13 Rhode Island Next Generation
Science Assessment (NGSA)
11 Comprehensive Yes
South Carolina End-of-Course Examination Program
(EOCEP) in biology
EOC Biology Yes
South Dakota South Dakota Science 11 Comprehensive No
Tennessee14 Biology I EOC EOC Biology Yes
  Chemistry EOC EOC Chemistry Yes
Texas State of Texas Assessments of
Academic Readiness (STAAR) EOC in
EOC Biology No
Utah Student Assessment of Growth and
Excellence (SAGE) EOC in biology
EOC Biology Yes
  SAGE EOC in earth science EOC Earth science Yes
  SAGE EOC chemistry EOC Chemistry Yes
  SAGE EOC physics EOC Physics Yes
Vermont Vermont Science 11 Comprehensive Yes
Virginia Earth Science Standards of Learning (SOL) EOC Earth science No
  Biology SOL EOC Biology No
  Chemistry SOL EOC Chemistry No
Washington Washington Comprehensive Assessment
of Science
11 Comprehensive No
West Virginia SAT 11 Comprehensive No
Wisconsin ACT Aspire 9, 10 Comprehensive No
  ACT 11 Comprehensive No
Wyoming The Wyoming Test of Proficiency
and Progress (WY-TOPP)
10 Comprehensive No
1 Assessment administered in grade 10, but may be taken by grade 9 students who are enrolled in a life sciences course.
2 Due to errors discovered in the assessment, the District of Columbia did not administer the science assessment in 2018.
3 All students take the Biology End of Course (EOC) prior to graduating. Only students who elect to take the course will take the Physical Science EOC.
4 One science EOC, biology or chemistry, is required in one high school grade (grades 10–12).
5 Administered as a biology EOC (incorporates Next Generation Science Standards).
6 Administered in grade 10.
7 The EOC field tests will not produce student scores or performance levels; therefore, test results will not be included in public reporting for fall 2018.
8 In science, students were required to pass the High School Assessment (HSA) Biology every year until the 2016–17 school year. Students who took the Biology HSA in 2016–17 met the graduation requirement by participating. In 2017–18, students are required to participate in the no fault field test for the high school MISA if they have not met their science assessment requirement as determined by participation in the school year 2016–17 administration of the HSA Biology. Beginning in school year 2019–20, to fulfill the science graduation assessment requirement, students will be required to pass the HSA MISA.
9 Students participate in assessment when they complete the associated course. Biology is typically taken in grade 9.
10 The Physical Science EOC is a local option.
11 This assessment is being field tested in 2017–18.
12 Students who have previously taken the Biology End of Instruction (EOI) and have a valid score may be exempt from the grade 10 science assessment at the discretion of the school district.
13 The Next Generation Science Assessment (NGSA) will be administered in grade 11 as a census field test. The assessment will be included in the state's accountability system after the spring 2020–21 administration.
14 All students must take a Biology course (and thus the Biology EOC) as a graduation requirement. Only students who elect to take a chemistry course will be assessed using the Chemistry EOC.
NOTE: In this table, EOC represents End of Course assessments, and EOI represents End of Instruction assessments.
SOURCE: Achieve, 2017–18 State High School Science Assessments, retrieved September 20, 2018 from–18-state-high-school-science-assessments. Data Source