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Table 2.16. Social studies statewide assessment name/title and grade administered, by state: 2018

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State Assessment name/title   Grades(s) administered  
Alabama U.S. citizenship test 1  
Arizona U.S. citizenship test    
Arkansas U.S. citizenship test 1  
Colorado CMAS Social Studies   4 and 7 2
Delaware   4, 7, and 11 3
District of Columbia    
Florida Civics, U.S. history    
Georgia U.S. history, economics   5 and 8  
Idaho U.S. citizenship test    
Indiana   5 and 7  
Kansas   6, 8, and 11 4
Kentucky U.S. history 5 5 and 8  
Louisiana U.S. history   3-8  
Maryland Government    
Michigan   5, 8, and 11  
Minnesota U.S. citizenship test    
Mississippi U.S. history    
Missouri U.S. government    
New Hampshire    
New Jersey    
New Mexico   11  
New York Global history and geography, U.S. history and government    
North Carolina    
North Dakota U.S. citizenship test    
Ohio American history, American government 6  
Oklahoma U.S. history 7  
Rhode Island    
South Carolina U.S. history and the constitution   5 and 7  
South Dakota    
Tennessee U.S. history/geography, U.S. citizenship test   3-8  
Texas U.S. history   8  
Utah U.S. citizenship test    
Virginia Virginia studies, civics and economics, End-of-Course exams 8 4-8  
West Virginia    
Wisconsin   4, 8, and 10  
— Not available.
1 Beginning 2018-19.
2 Administered using a sampling approach to a third of elementary and middle schools.
3 Field test.
4 Only administered in even years.
5 U.S. history to be field tested in 2019-20.
6 Class of 2018 and beyond.
7 Not administered in 2017-18 while state revises test.
8 Virginia studies tested in grades 4 or 5. Civics and economics tested in grades 6, 7 or 8.
NOTE: The information in this table covers only those assessments that are mandatory statewide for all students, including those tests that fulfill federal testing requirements.
SOURCE: Education Commission of the States, 50-State Comparison: State Summative Assessments, retrieved December 31, 2018 from Data Source.