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Table 2.15. State efforts to support district and school implementation of Common Core State Standards/College- and Career-Ready Standards, by state: 2013

State Requiring district and
school use of
curricular materials
curricular and
materials for
voluntary use by
districts and
lists of materials
aligned with
protocols and
United States3 5 30 17 41
Alabama Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alaska No Yes No Yes
Arizona No No No Yes
Arkansas No No Yes Yes
California No Yes Yes Yes
Colorado No Yes No Yes
Connecticut No Yes Yes Yes
Delaware Yes Yes No Yes
District of Columbia No No No Yes
Florida No No Yes No
Georgia No Yes Yes Yes
Hawaii Yes Yes Yes No
Idaho No No Yes No
Illinois No Yes No Yes
Iowa No Yes No Yes
Kansas No No No Yes
Kentucky No Yes Yes Yes
Louisiana No Yes No Yes
Maine No No No Yes
Maryland No Yes No Yes
Massachusetts No Yes No Yes
Michigan No No No Yes
Minnesota No No No Yes
Mississippi No No Yes Yes
Missouri No Yes No Yes
Nebraska Yes Yes No No
New Hampshire No No No Yes
New Jersey No Yes No Yes
New Mexico No Yes Yes Yes
New York No Yes Yes Yes
North Carolina No Yes No Yes
North Dakota No Yes No Yes
Ohio No Yes No Yes
Oklahoma No No No Yes
Oregon No No Yes Yes
Pennsylvania No Yes No Yes
Rhode Island No Yes No Yes
South Carolina No No Yes No
South Dakota No No No Yes
Tennessee No Yes No Yes
Texas No No Yes No
Utah Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vermont No No No Yes
Virginia No Yes Yes Yes
Washington No No No Yes
West Virginia No Yes No No
Wisconsin No Yes No Yes
Wyoming No Yes No Yes
† Not applicable. Although the state shared examples of efforts to support implementation of aligned curricular and instructional materials, they are outside the scope of Achieve's survey; only states reporting responses to the actions specified in the table are represented.
1 Includes materials the state provides for direct use in classrooms, such as model units, lessons, curricular maps, and graphic organizers.
2 Includes rubrics or tools (e.g., alignment tools) that the state provides, which are often used by district leaders, principals and curriculum directors.
3 National totals reflect the number of "Yes" responses in each column.
SOURCE: Achieve, Closing the Expectations Gap: 2013 Annual Report on the Alignment of State K-12 Policies and Practice with the Demands of College and Careers, retrieved January 2, 2014 from Data Source.