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State Support for School Choice and Other Options

Many states have adopted legislation enabling the operation of year-round schools or public charter schools, the latter of which operate with varying degrees of independence from state education agencies in exchange for increased accountability for student performance. The tables in this section provide information on states' policies concerning year-round and charter school systems. Additional national information about school choice and homeschooling is available from the NCES National Household Education Survey.

Data Tables

Table 4.1 Year-round school policies, by state: 2008
Table 4.2 Numbers and types of open enrollment policies, by state: 2017
Table 4.3 Charter school legislation and number and type of charter schools operating, by state: 2015–16 and 2017–18 
Table 4.4 States with charter school caps, automatic exemptions, required teacher certification, and identification of special education responsibilities for charter schools, by state: 2017–18
Table 4.5 Students served according to alternative education definitions, by level and state: 2013
Table 4.6 Number of instructional days and hours in the school year, by state: 2018
Table 4.7 States with voucher programs, by state: 2017